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Thermologica Health Screening

Thermalogica Health Screening was established seven years ago by two best friends of over 30 years Lisa Portman and Terri Bainbridge, both who have a commitment to help make women aware of their breast health, the importance of early stage detection and the benefits of regular monitoring.


What is Thermal Imaging?


Thermal Imaging is a harmless, painless, contactless screening tool. The technology used in Thermal Imaging takes a picture and creates a map, or thermal fingerprint of the body, which can give you a visual guide to how your body is functioning.

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To make your appointment please contact Lisa direct or visit the Thermologica website for more information. 

Tel: 01392 691 696

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Thermal Imaging is a harmless, painless, contactless screening tool for men, women and children and can be repeated as often as necessary. It uses a Thermal Imaging camera and digital infra-red heat map technology to see areas of inflammation. This is the pre-cursor to many chronic health issues and can pinpoint pain and injury sites, often before the symptoms appear. This could allow for rapid clinical diagnosis and treatment.

This clinical test is widely used in the USA and Europe and is supported by over 30 years of research and more than 8000 published medical studies. Click here to view some of the studies.

*A deposit of £75.00 per appointment should be taken for all South West clinics. Non-refundable but clinic appointments can be changed to an alternative date.